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Book Promotion
Skye Wentworth Public Relations provides media relations and publicity services for authors and publishers. We present new ideas, reawaken the old and arm the media with the savvy to make sense of it all. Press Kits. Author Tours. Newspapers. Magazines. Television. Radio. Internet.

Your new book: you know it’s sensational. Now 20 million other people know it, too.

About Skye Wentworth
An accomplished promotional artist, her experience includes 20 years of media planning, design and market strategy, event programming, video and slide production, and corporate communications. Previously the Director of Public Relations for S.T. Vreeland Advertising in New England and later a Senior Publicist for Internet Publicity Services at Tenagra Corporation in New Orleans, she now dedicates her talents to literary promotion and works directly with book publishers and authors.

Services | Books Promoted | Portfolio | Contact Skye