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Daniel Quinn's The Holy
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Client: Context Books
Book: The Holy
By Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinn, best-selling author of Ishmael, would love to appear on The Leonard Lopate Show to discuss his new metaphysical thriller, The Holy.

We humans are not alone here. We've known that from the beginning. There have always been The Others, powerful but hidden from plain sight. They knew us before we began to walk upright. Shamans called them guardians, myth-makers called them tricksters, pagans called them gods, churchmen called them demons, folklorists called them shape-shifters. They've obligingly taken any role we've assigned them and have accepted whatever we thought was their due -- love, hate, fear, worship, condemnation, neglect, oblivion.

Even in modern times, when their existence is doubted or denied, they continue to extend invitations to those who would travel a different road, a road not found on any of our cultural maps. But now, perceiving us as a threat to life itself, they issue their invitations with a dark purpose of their own.

In this fascinating and disturbing tale (which early readers have compared to "The Magus," "The Shining," and "Ghost Story"), four who put themselves in the hands of the these all-but-forgotten Others venture across a sinister American landscape hidden from normal view, finding their way to interlocking destinies of death, terror, transcendental rapture, and shattering enlightenment.

If you're looking for an electric read to keep your body, mind and soul pumping during the cold days of winter, The Holy might just be the ticket.

For a review copy of The Holy, (Context Books, ISBN 1-893956-30-X, Cloth, $24.), and/or an interview with Daniel Quinn, contact Skye Wentworth, Publicist at (207) 465-2595.

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DANIEL QUINN, author of the
best-selling novel Ishmael,
with over 2 million readers
in twenty languages, presents


Daniel Quinn
Context Books

We're not alone. They have been with us from the beginning, hidden from plain sight but not out of reach to those who would walk an uncommon path. Shamans called them guardians, myth-makers called them tricksters, pagans called them gods. In a later era, churchmen would call them demons and skeptics would call them figments of the imagination, but they don't care what we call them. They were here before us and will be here when we're gone.

Our special guest tonight is Daniel Quinn, whose new book, The Holy, is a metaphysical thriller about a man who, approaching forty, knows he has been false to his destiny. Even though it will cost him a career, a wife who loves him, and a son he cherishes, he must get back on a road he traveled one summer night as a teenager, when for a few mad hours he followed a mysterious woman through a wasteland beside the Scioto River outside Columbus, Ohio.

What he can't know is that this woman is still waiting for him. There are, in fact, many (in addition to that mysterious woman) who are poised to help him find what he's looking for: a way out of his tedious life on a path that leads to absolute freedom—if only he can accept it. If he can relinquish the habits and cynicism he's cloaked himself in for the past twenty years. If he can become the stranger to himself that he yearns to be.

Under the hidden guidance of these Others, he embarks on a terrifying journey that demolishes all his assumptions about himself and the world he inhabits—and brings him to the shattering enlightenment he has been seeking, but at what cost?

Daniel Quinn is here tonight to talk to us about The Holy, and is open to questions about his previous books as well: Ishmael (1991), Providence (1995), The Story of B (1996), My Ishmael: A Sequel (1997), Beyond Civilization (1999), After Dachau (2001), and The Man Who Grew Young (2001).

The Holy (Context Books, ISBN 1-893956-30-X, $24.00) is available from most bookstores, online and off, or directly from the publisher at 212-233-4880 or


The Holy is described as a metaphysical thriller. What is a metaphysical thriller?

You're certainly not known as a writer of thrillers. How do you come to be writing one now?

How is the subject matter of The Holy connected to the subject matter of your previous books?

Most novelists seem to pick a genre and stick to it--mystery, horror, comedy, courtroom drama, what have you. You, on the other hand, seem to be constantly in motion. A book like Ishmael is very much a "teaching" book, a novel of education. The Man Who Grew Young is wildly different--a graphic novel. Then there's After Dachau, which could be seen as science fiction. Now The Holy, which some readers have compared to Ghost Story, The Shining, and books like that. How do you explain this?

Is there any truth to the rumor that some of the things you describe in The Holy are based on your own experiences?

Half the characters in The Holy claim to be of "a different kind" from us. What do you mean by this?

I couldn't find any reference in the text to "the holy." One character says that those of "his kind" have been called all sorts of things--trolls, goblins, werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters, demons, fiends, witches, devils, even gods. But he doesn't include "the holy" in this list. Is this what they call themselves? Or if not, what does it refer to?

A reader online made the point that Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Clive Barker aren't really serious when they write about demon-possessed cars, immortal vampires, and universes hidden in large carpets, but that you are serious about the things you write about in The Holy. Is that true?

You dedicate The Holy to someone whose faith in this book kept you working on it for a decade. Why did it take so long?

During the period when you were working on The Holy you were also working on books like Providence, The Story of B, After Dachau, and three or four other books. Is this how you usually work? Do you have other books in work that might not appear for a decade?

Is there a single theme that underlies all your novels? A famous French novelist once said that Lost Illusion is the undisclosed title of every novel. Do you feel that's true of your novels? If not, what is?

What are you working on now?

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