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Skye Wentworth Book Publicist provides book marketing consultation, media promotion and author branding for authors and publishers worldwide. Skye Wentworth presents new ideas, reawakens the old and arms the media with the savvy to make sense of it all. Press Kits. Author Tours. Newspapers. Magazines. Television. Radio. Internet. Social Networking. Video trailers.

  • Your new book: you know it’s sensational. Now 20 million other people know it, too.

About Skye


After receiving a master’s degree in Media and Technology from Boston University, Skye has worked as Director of Public Relations in advertising studios, Executive Director of Performing Art Centers and as a Senior Book Publicist for publishing houses. Since 1996 she has consulted with upwards of 200 authors and directly promoted more than 300 titles. Locally, Skye currently serves as a board member for Newburyport (Massachusetts) Adult and Community Education and is President of the Cultural Alliance of the Lower Merrimack Valley.

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  1. holly robinson referred me to you. she ghost wrote my book which is being released april 2017 as their lead book, endorsed by rfk jr and alan dershowitz. id like to talk with you about publsizing it traditionally and in social media. my cell 949-533-0763

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