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THE TRANSFORMATION: GTE 45, Faren Siminoff, Starry Starry Night, Fiction: A dystopian novel.

Transformation cover tiny The Transformation: GTE 45, is alternately a love triangle, a mystery, and dystopian fantasy of an America that might now be unfolding. The story is set in a fictionalized America forty-five years in the future after the collapse of the Republican Party and the rise of anew far-right national political party, the Founders Action Party, which ushers in the “Great Transformation” of America. Comparable to some of the best political novels in American history, which offer sweeping and dystopian views of government who run it –The Transformation: GTE taps into real fears and fundamental truths about America, its people, and its leaders. Anyone intrigued or disturbed by the 2016 presidential election or party politics in America will want to read this book.

THE ISLAND OF BEYOND, Elizabeth Atkinson, Carolrhoda Books, Fiction,
Middle Grade.

BethEleven-year-old Martin can hardly imagine a worse summer. His dad wants him to like “normal” boy things—playing sports and exploring the outdoors—so he sends Martin to his great-aunt Lenore, who lives on a tiny island called Beyond. Nothing about Beyond is what Martin expects, certainly not the strange, local boy who unexpectedly befriends Martin. Solo can canoe and climb trees and survive on his own in the wilderness, and Martin’s drawn to him in a way he doesn’t quite understand. But he’s not sure he can trust Solo. In fact, can he trust anything about this strange island, where everyone seems to be keeping secrets?

DELIVERING THE TRUTH (A Quaker Midwife Mystery), Edith Maxwell, Midnight Ink. Quaker midwife Rose Carroll discovers dark secrets in 1888 Massachusetts

Edith 175For Quaker midwife Rose Carroll, life in Amesbury, Massachusetts, provides equal measures of joy and tribulation. She delights in attending to the needs of mothers and newborns even as she mourns the recent death of her sister. Likewise, Rose enjoys the giddy feelings that come from being courted by a handsome doctor, but a suspicious fire and two murders leave her fearing for the well-being of her loved ones.

Driven by her desire for safety and justice, Rose Carroll begins asking questions related to the crimes. Consulting with her friends and neighbors―including the famous Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier―Rose draws on her strengths as a counselor and problem solver in trying to bring the perpetrators to light.

WAKE UP, MAN UP, STEP UP: Transforming Your Wake-up Call into Emotional Health and Happiness, Ray Arata, Highpoint Executive Publishing.StepUpFinalBkCover

Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up is Arata’s inspirational guide and antidote to the confusion and disconnection that many men experience today as they struggle to understand and redefine their relationships and responsibilities at home, in the workplace, and in society. Through stories, tools, and exercises, Arata provides a seven-step “roadmap” and invitation for men to embark on a journey leading to self-discovery and empowerment.

THE NATURAL LAWS OF GOOD LUCK: A Memoir of an Unlikely Marriage
Ellen Graf, Trumpeter Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications. Natural-Laws-final-cover

In Ellen Graf’s quirky memoir, two lonely people who share neither language nor culture, meet, fall in love, and decide to marry. They have nothing in common but uncommon resilience and a willingness to “just try.” This is not your standard love story. It’s more like Woody-Allen-meets-Crouching-Tiger, Hidden-Dragon — when a starving artist sculptor from upstate New York agrees to marry a businessman from northern China. The Natural Laws of Good Luck is an epic tale of a marriage fraught with mutual cultural clash and the trickery of words and buoyed up by the arts, martial arts, and pure perseverance.

Satchi coverSATCHI AND LITTLE STAR, Donna Marie Seim, illustrated by Susan Spellman.

Inspired by the beautiful wild horses in the Caribbean and around the world, author Donna Seim weaves the story of a young girl, a wild horse, and how they touch each other’s lives. Susan Spellman’s masterful illustrations capture the essence of a young girl’s emotions of the heart. Her colorful watercolor paintings sweep the readers away to the island world of Satchi and Little Star.

Extra Innings Cover 2:2:13EXTRA INNINGS, Bruce E. Spitzer, Bear Hill Media.

Extra Innings is a cross-genre novel: part sports, military thriller, and speculative (science) fiction. In the year 2092, Ted Williams once again plays for the Boston Red Sox and finds himself trapped in a dystopian world he hardly recognizes: the corruption of the game he loves with über-juiced batters and robot pitchers; difficult love affairs clashing with his old desires; and a military conflict of the future in which he must harness the fighter pilot skills he used in his first life. Thought-provoking throughout, it’s a rollicking ride that looks at second chances and redemption, the ability to triumph over adversity, and the search for meaning in this life and the next.

Boston Bronze & StoneBOSTON: Bronze & Stone Speak to Us, Joseph Gallo.

Joseph Gallo’s unique historical tour of the City of Boston is sure to delight tourists, history buffs and adventure seekers looking for something unusual in the way of discovering public art. The book combines his original photographs and observations with well-referenced sources and maps for a complete experience of enjoying Boston sculpture.

Ghana: An African Portrait Revisited, Peter E. Randall Editor and Photographer, Peter E. Randall Publishers LLC`.

Six American photographers journeyed to Ghana to document that country on the eve of its fiftieth anniversary of independence. From Accra to Bolatanga, and Elmina to Aflao, the photographers made images of a country that is changing yet still retains much of its traditional character. With more than 150 photographs, the book presents Ghana at an historic moment in time, remembering its past and traditions, while looking ahead to a bright future.

Good Night & God Bless: A Guide to Convent & Monastery Accommodation in Europe, Volume 1: Austria, Czech Republic, Italy by Trish Clark, Hidden Spring, a division of Paulist Press, ISBN 978-1587680533, 2009.

Trish Clark’s unique travel guide, GOOD NIGHT & GOD BLESS, A Guide to Convent & Monastery Accommodation In Europe, puts the holy into holiday and is sure to delight devout tourists, mainstream travelers, history buffs, and adventure seekers looking for something unusual in the way of accommodation. Clark’s user-friendly guide dishes up the details on affordable accommodation, local tourist information, and places of pilgrimage. Bathed in the golden light of history and religion, the author’s enticing travel tidbits and anecdotes will appeal to real life and armchair travelers alike.

Winds Against the Mind by Lola Bamiboye, Building Toward Success, ISBN 978-0981753706, 2nd edition, 2009.

Drawing on her experience as psychiatric nurse, Bamigboye describes depression, Alzheimer’s dementia, bipolar, schizophrenia, autism, alcoholism, drug addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other common mental health disorders as “winds against the mind.” Her use of real life stories, with first-person narratives, provides a deeply personal look at how disorders are manifested, including the reaction of others to the individual with a disorder as well the impact on family.

Leaving Religion, Following Jesus by Ronnie McBrayer, Smith & Helwys, ISBN 978-1-57312-531-4, paperback, July, 2009.

Leaving Religion, Following Jesus, challenges readers to rethink their personal relationship to religion, faith, and Christian spirituality — and to discover new ways of following the revolutionary example set by Jesus. Each chapter is followed by workbook-style questions that challenge readers to reflect, dig deep, and answer tough questions that, ultimately, point to a road away from religion and onward to the Christ.

The Great Improbability, An Autobiographical Mystery by the People of Earth, David Sayre, Peter E. Randall Publishers LLC, ISBN 978-1-931807-93-7, soft cover, 376 pages, 2009.

Here is a groundbreaking, thought provoking mystery, in the fantasy genre. Similar to Ursula K. Le Guin’s Always Coming Home, this title was collectively “written” by the People of the Earth. Author, entrepreneur David Sayre, has reinvented our world and peopled it with characters, who are each on journeys that criss-cross and intersect in unforgettable ways. Alone and peculiar, the characters become entangled in a mystery of post-Darwin evolution, set in the most desolate and powerful places on earth. They are we.

Follow Me, David! by Jonathan Russell, Peter E. Randall Publisher LLC, ISBN 978-1-931807-61-6, softcover, 240 pages, 2009.

Author Jonathan Russell’s Follow Me, David! is a serious, yet often times humorous, love story that chronicles the life of an adopted greyhound by a well-to-do widow, Jennifer, and her devotion to this docile, giant, handsome dog whom she names David. A tour-de-force! Part of the profits received from this book will be donated by the author to organizations working to help rescue Greyhounds.

Women OwnCover2Women Own All the Vaginas: Why Men Do What They Do, Richard Nocera, Dick ‘n Jane Publishers.

Drawing on 40 years’ experience as a hairdresser and confidant to men and women clients, Richard Nocera offers profound insight and advice about male sexuality in his book, Women Own All the Vaginas. Nocera’s provocative book, a consciousness-raising memoir, is a wise, caring, razor-sharp response to the question he hears daily throughout his career: ‘Why do men do what they do?’

ALPHABET WOOF! by Sherrie Madia, Ph.D.

Alphabet Woof! is the story of Moxy the dog who eats magic soup and his wish comes true: He can talk! This gift leads Moxy and his family to some exciting adventures, but in the end, he realizes his greatest gift is not his ability to talk but rather, his ability to talk with the people he loves, who love him back. The story is fun and whimsical, but carries an important underlying message of family values and of understanding what really matters.

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