Chandler Vreeland Launches UFO Novel, Invites Golden Ticket Winner to Dinner with the Author

Light Caller Cover 150 Marietta, GA—In his charming novel, Chandler Vreeland transports readers to Barbados to meet a collection of likable characters and mysterious lights in the sky. Vreeland will launch and sign his debut novel, The Light Caller, at the Book Worm Bookstore, 4451 Marietta Street, Powder Springs, on Saturday, June 17 from 1:00‒3:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

As a special bonus, the author has inserted a golden ticket in one his books being sold, which invites the lucky finder and a friend to enjoy dinner and conversation with the author at Muss & Turner’s, Smyrna.

In The Light Caller, John, an 83-year-old self-proclaimed psychic, has an uncanny ability to communicate with UFOs that he encounters on his native island of Barbados and beyond. “I am the ‘Light Man’— at least, that’s what some people call me. I am what others call a ‘UFO caller’.” As the story unfolds, John’s narrative is not only filled with tales of supernatural communication, healing and awe, but also his deep love of family, and a humility for his calling. This gentle novel shimmers with the drama and magic of a cast of characters whose lives are touched, and sometimes transformed, by unexplainable lights in the sky.

The Light Caller was inspired by the author’s real life experience on a trip to Barbados many years ago. One evening on the beach, Vreeland and his father saw a UFO over the sea. “It was an eerie experience, like seeing something from another world. My father suggested that it would make a great story for a book and the idea stuck with me,” he says.

While Vreeland has a general interest in UFOs and related phenomena, he says he leaves it to readers to form their own conclusions about the actual existence, intentions, or origins of mystery lights in the sky. “Whatever view a reader may have, I hope that each one finds my book enjoyable and meaningful.”

L. Chandler Vreeland is a Marietta, Georgia, based trial lawyer. A former Assistant District Attorney, he interned in Washington DC for the United States Senate. He received his undergraduate degree from Henry W. Grady School of Journalism, University of Georgia, and earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from The Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama. He also studied international law at the Exeter University in England. Vreeland looks forward to discussing writing, law, and UFOs with the golden ticket winner.

The Runaway Dandelion

Launch Day

A once idyllic meadow, home to animals, birds, insects, wildflowers and ancient apple trees is clear cut by a bulldozer to make way for new construction. Miraculously, there is one survivor—a lonely little dandelion. When her golden petals turn to white fluff, she takes flight in search of a new home.

We get a bird’s eye view of her journey over many big houses and manicured green lawns. When she spots a lush green meadow, surrounded by wetlands, we follow her down to earth, and cheer as she puts down new roots.

We meet all the inhabitants of this small Family Farm and observe their daily life. What’s special about this farm is that each of their activities contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, and consequently lead to a brighter and more promising future.

The Runaway Dandelion by Jill Regensburg is a contemporary fable that is as informative as it is timely. Young readers, as well as parents and teachers, can explore many earth friendly techniques including organic gardening, solar and wind power, water harvesting, alternative heating, growing medicinal herbs, and cultivating gourmet mushrooms on logs.

There is a Glossary, and suggestions for family friendly cooking-with-dandelion recipes. A comprehensive resource list of follow up links encourages readers to further explore these Permaculture techniques.

On the Radio with Faren Siminoff

Radio Show GTE 45+

Author-historian Faren Siminoff wonders about what will happen to American society if our current simmering political and economic climate persists. She’s concerned and thinks other people should be too. In her debut novel, The Transformation: GTE 45, she explores themes of liberty, truth, history, and disenfranchisement in an eerily familiar world.

Set 45 years in the future, Siminoff’s disturbing dystopian political novel takes place in a re-branded Corporate States of America after the collapse of the Republican Party as we’ve known it, a transformed new far-right regime rules over complacent citizens in a reality they call “the Great Transformation.”

High-ranking professor Layla Saenz navigates a perilous and twisted love triangle with Paul Gaugin, a classified Wage Earner, and Isaac Freeman, the charismatic and powerful leader of the Church of the Revealed Saints. When Layla is suspected of uploading an unofficial history of the events leading up to the Great Transformation, her status is placed in jeopardy. She makes a dangerous decision and risks revealing her own secrets from the past.

Tune in to listen to a radio interview on The Authors Show on June 7th. The show will be available all day. Note: Scroll down and click on the title in blue.

Which Mad Dog Character are you?

Mark Rubinstein has written another riveting psychological drama. From the shots fired in the first pages to the final haunting and shocking ending, Mad Dog Justice will draw you into its character’s world-and never let you go.
- E.J. Simon, author of Death Never Sleeps

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Danny and Roddy were blood brothers, sworn to support one another since childhood, yoked by the shackles of a dark secret hidden even from the women they loved. When an unspeakable event from their past threatens their families and their lives, they are thrown into a maelstrom that will stretch the steel bonds of their friendship to the snapping point—and beyond.
Mark Rubinstein, master of the thriller with a psychological twist, returns with MAD DOG JUSTICE (Thunder Lake Press, September 2014) the sequel to his wildly popular debut novel, MAD DOG HOUSE. Fans have been clamoring to find out what happens next to accountant Danny Burns and his best friend, Dr. Roddy Dolan, a surgeon with a hair-trigger temper. Readers are in for another nail-biting page-turner when Danny is shot late one night in his office during what appears to be a typical robbery. Or was it? Detective Harvey Morgan has his suspicions. When another, less fortunate, victim is killed with the same gun used to shoot Danny, Morgan knows for certain the two friends are hiding something big.

Drawing on his expertise as a psychiatrist and expert witness, Rubinstein plunges through the depths of terror and paints of picture of psychological motivation and primal urges in his sharply defined characters. As the line between predator and prey blurs and secrets and lies tear apart a marriage, Rubinstein reveals the dangers that come not just from outside but from within a friendship as well.

A gripping psychological thriller reminiscent of the masters of the genre, MAD DOG JUSTICE examines what happens when society’s values are pitted against raw survival in this breathlessly paced, high-octane thriller.

Psychological Horror of Great Relevance to the Socioeconomic Turmoil of Today

Dreamer Front Cover The world-renowned author Daniel Quinn’s deep-seated interest in abstract expressionism, which first came to light most clearly in his 1988 novel, Dreamer, has once again come to the fore in the reissuing of this cult classic. Despite his intentions that were voiced most adamantly up until a decade ago that he was not overly keen on having the work republished, undoubtedly at least in part being due to its fairly sluggish initial reception, he has now allowed it to be so, as a result of his urging from his strong fan base, which has largely been drawn to his work by his much more widely acclaimed, Turner-award winning novel Ishmael.

Unlike the serious, educative effort of said later novel, Quinn’s debut novel is more of a deeply disturbing psychological thriller, in which the major protagonist drifts from sleeping into waking and back again in a cycle of deepening despair and soul-searching. Having much in common with two of Quinn’s later novels, The Holy and After Dachau, the anguish experienced by Greg Donner (his subconscious self, revealed in sleep) embodies the existentialist negativity and sense of destructive psychosis that beleagures and belabours modern man, in his search for self and integrity. The identity of Richard Iles (the protagonist’s waking self) is held captive, firstly, by his turbulent marriage to the emotionally draining and demanding Ginny Winters, and, secondly, by his incarceration in a sanatorium for those suffering from emotional and mental breakdowns. But who is Greg Donner, and who is he not? As his sleeping and waking personae mesh into one, and nightmare seems to become his everyday existence, the real person struggles to emerge from the imagined one, bringing a realization of being to the central character that is both insightful and intriguing.

Set in Chicago, in which city Quinn spent over two decades working in editing and publishing prior to his completion of the novel, Dreamer is imbued with the spirit of the place, to which reference is made throughout the novel, but which exemplifies any modern, over-commercialized city in America. Its “dark, deserted streets” bear echoes of other crass cities that essentially rob one of one’s soul if one fails to have the presence of mind to resist their undermining of the spiritual components of one’s being. In a sense, Dreamer figures forth the Everyman of the modern day, and thus has relevance for all those living within a Westernized environment and milieu.

The economic collapse of the present-day world, concomitant with the shattering of the dreams of so many, has come to make Dreamer as relevant today as it was when first issued over two decades ago. Perhaps it is now that its importance as a seminal novel of provocative thought and questioning of the existing status quo will be recognized, in keeping with Ellen Datlow’s listing of it as one of the year’s best in her annual review of works of fantasy and horror, and its inclusion in the New York Review of Science Fiction’s “Horror at the End of the Century.”

Reviewed by Lois Henderson
South Africa

Baby Boomer Longevity

Boomer Cover 1-30-13ADVANCE PRAISE

“A clearly written book with easy to understand objective solutions to the common problems the baby boomer generation encounter.” -Roberta Arnold MD, Internal Medicine Associates of New York, NY, NY

“Dr. Davis presents straightforward tips and advice on achieving wellness by incorporating scientifically tested traditional and alternative medical methodology.” -William E. Rosen MD FRCS(C), Executive Health Administrators of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

“Although baby boomer bodies cannot be 18 again, Dr. Davis shows us how the wisdom of alternative medicine from many parts of the world can be combined with evidence based western medicine, so we can gain power, healthy longevity, and optimum wellbeing.” -Joseph Langerhans D.H.M., ND, PhD, Director- Center for Natural Medicine, Seattle, Washington

“Dr. Davis grasps the essentials of eastern medicine and deftly melds them with traditional western medical practice.” -Raajagopal Amardeep Singh Ay.D., Medical Director, Ayurvedic Institute of Kerala, Trivandrum, India

You can purchase hard copies and digital copies (eBooks) online at, and

PAUL DAVIS MD is also the author of Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries: A Medical Murder Mystery, The Curious Cargo of Bones and The German Intrigue. He was trained in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Dr. Davis uses his insider knowledge, as his novels are based on his ten-year career as a cruise ship doctor. He currently lives in Canada and is the director of a medical specialty group.

Dr. Paul Davis is available for lectures and readings. For information regarding his availability, please contact Skye Wentworth, Publicist at 978-462-4453 or email

Children’s Picture Book Celebration

Newburyport, October 28 | The Dragon’s Nest, 31 Market Square, announces its upcoming book launch for the new children’s picture storybook, Satchi and Little Star, by Donna Marie Seim and illustrations by Susan Spellman, on Saturday, November 5th from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

In “Satchi and Little Star,” a young island girl watches as a herd of eight wild horses trot past her gate. One little horse has a white star on his forehead. She yearns to have a horse of her very own. But, when she asks her mama and papa they both say, “Satchi, wild horses are meant to be wild.”

Satchi decides that she will catch and tame Little Star all by herself. Through joys and trials, the reader follows her down the path that leads Satchi to understand what true friendship really is.

Inspired by the beautiful wild horses in the Caribbean and around the world, author Donna Seim weaves the story of a young girl, a wild horse, and how they touch each other’s lives. Susan Spellman’s masterful illustrations capture the essence of a young girl’s emotions of the heart. Her colorful watercolor paintings sweep the readers away to the island world of Satchi and Little Star.

Satchi and Little Star is the second children’s picture book written by Donna Seim and illustrated by Susan Spellman. Where is Simon, Sandy?, about a little donkey that wouldn’t quit, also takes place in the Caribbean and is the recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award for 2009 in the category: Children’s Picture Book, Peoples, Places and Cultures and a Finalist in the children’s picture book category for the National Indie Excellence Awards for 2010. Seim is also the author of Hurricane Mia: A Caribbean Adventure for 8–12-year-olds, 2010.

In 1982, Donna and her husband Martin opened The Dragon’s Nest, a specialty toy store in downtown Newburyport. The store is now owned and operated by their daughter Kristin.

Susan Spellman has a studio workshop in Newburyport where she pursues a dual career as a fine artist and as an illustrator with extensive experience in painting, portraiture, and children’s book illustration.

Come join in the fun! Color “Satchi and Little Star” and win a gold coin from the Dragon’s Nest, enjoy tasty treats, and at 2:00 pm, listen to the author read a selection from “Satchi and Little Star.” Donna Seim, author, will be on hand to answer questions and sign copies of her book. While supplies last, patrons will receive a free Schleich action figure of Little Star with each signed copy of the book, “Satchi and Little Star.” A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the TCSPCA – Grand Turk Chapter of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

For more information about the book, visit

One with the Sea


An interview with Richard Daniel O’Leary ~

Here is the sweeping story of one man’s remarkable life. Born into humble circumstances, the only son of an Irish immigrant, Richard Daniel O’Leary’s love of the sea inspired him to attend the Maine Maritime Academy, serve as an officer in the Navy, as well as on the SS United States, and the Commandant of Midshipmen at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY.

He went on to create an illustrious business career based in Norfolk, Virginia. The company he founded, Cruise Ventures Inc., grew from a one-person operation to a national company with 2500 employees headquartered in fifty-five offices in twelve states, which built and owned a fleet of thirteen 600-passenger harbor cruise vessels. This is a grand story, not just about a man, but also about the opportunity that America still offers to those with vision and determination.

Richard O’Leary has drawn on a wealth of life experiences to contribute to his memoir. In this special interview, he discusses his philosophy of a strong work ethic, his distinguished military career, his successful cruise ship industry and the importance of family and friends.

Skye Wentworth) How does the title of your book, “One with the Sea” translate as a metaphor for you and for your life’s work?

Richard Daniel O’Leary. One with the Sea aptly describes how I spent my life. More than ten years of my life as a younger man was spent actually sailing on ships of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Merchant Marine. I decided, at a very young age when I first saw the ocean that I wanted to be on it or near it for the rest of my life. My entire career has been ship or maritime related and I have always lived by the ocean. I feel very fortunate to have found the interest and love that has given me so much fulfillment and pleasure.

SW) Tell us a little about your Irish heritage, upbringing and some life lessons you learned along the way. How did your father’s work ethic help you persevere and become successful in your careers?

RDOL) In many ways my father, an Irish immigrant, had a difficult life but he taught me, through example, to never ever give up on situations or people and to give your all to everything you attempt. He was the most unselfish human being I have ever met. His only thought was to do the very best he could to take care of his family, with very little regard for himself. When you grow up living with someone like that who also loves you dearly, it is hard not to develop some good traits that are applicable to many of life’s situations.

SW) What was the most thrilling and important adventure for you in your life as an officer at sea?

RDOL) Just being assigned as an officer on the bridge of the SS United States at 25 years-of-age was a thrilling event for me. I stayed for five years and crossed the Atlantic about 250 times. Each one of those crossings made at speeds no other ship could attain was an adventure. But one of the most exciting or at least most memorable was a negative experience. Two days out of New York, in 1962, I believe, we ran into a ferocious North Atlantic gale. The ship was actually “hove to” or stopped because of the ferocious seas. This is something we had never had to do in spite of a great deal of bad weather. The green water from the mountainous seas were breaking right over the bow which was about 70-feet above the waterline. The water would then break as it came aboard the foredeck and sheets of heavy spray and water would break against the bridge windows about 150 feet above the sea. I had seen a good deal of rough water but had never felt fear. When the water would hit the bridge windows I would duck down and I remember having the floating thought, “Is it possible it is all going to end like this on the greatest ship in the world?”

It didn’t but we did some damage to this huge vessel including knocking a navigation range light off the main mast, which was about 170 feet above the sea. I later heard that we also cracked a structural beam in the main deck. As it always turns out, the wind abated the seas moderated, and we arrived in France only about 14 hours late. The Whole event reminded me of a well-known Mariner’s prayer, “Oh Lord the ocean is so great and my ship is so small.” – even the SS United States.

SW) How did you decide to “jump ship” and begin a civilian career? What do you mean when you say that you embarked on “An Adventure in Capitalism?”

RDOL) The U.S. Maritime Services is a civilian entity much like the commercial airline business. My military service was comprised of my Active Duty Naval Service and 28 years in the Naval Reserve.

Because of the extensive business studies I had completed it was logical to think about a business, but my only real interest was the Cruise Ship business. I started with the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority a quasi public-private entity. The work I did in attracting Cruise Ships to Norfolk led quite naturally to the founding of Cruise Ventures Inc.

I am a very strong believer in capitalism. I think our company represented capitalism at its very best. We took some new ideas and sold them to a group of people willing to take a risk for the potential of profiting. This is classic capital foundation. We nurtured and developed the ideas through adversity and good fortune, then took steps to transfer ownership, in our case, to the wonderful people who had done the work.

SW) Tell us a bit about the business, Cruise International Inc, which you founded.

RDOL) Cruise International was founded to market large ocean going cruise ships from ports where they did not normally operate. New York and Miami were the traditional homeports. We eventually operated ships from Norfolk, Baltimore, Boston, Wilmington, NC and Charleston SC. We sold cruises through travel agents and operated like a Shipping company that didn’t own ships. We developed the niche business of operating in different ports on Off Season dates into a good size business. We then expanded into the air and travel businesses and then added a fleet of 13 six hundred-passenger harbor cruise vessels in major ports throughout the United States. Those ships had two live bands, served meals, and featured a Broadway revue. We were moving about 17-thousand people per day and 1.5 million per year.

SW) In your book, you talk about family and friends. How are they important to your success and wellbeing?

I think family and friends are important as a stabilizing element in a person’s life. If you can find success in life or business and combine it with the contentment of having good friends and a great family you are fortunate indeed and are likely to be even more successful.

SW) Do you have a website? Where we can people purchase your book?

RDOL) Yes, folks can find me at and purchase One with the Sea at Wholesalers can contact Baker and Taylor or Ingram.