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  1. Radio show… , show name THE SEER IN THE DARK
    Books: The Seer, Violets in the Grass (Balboa Press/ Hay House)
    Macabre, Short stories and poems from the other side
    Children selections: Green Stories for Green Children 1 & 2
    Green Stories for Green Cities
    currently working on a few books in the “Seer” series and a book about the spirits in Newburyport from the 1700′s to early 1800′s.

  2. Hello,
    Since almost 10 years I live part-time in Florida. Over the last 6 years I have written my „SUCCESS STORY WITH A DIFFERENCE“ on my yacht in Miami Beach.
    After successfully presenting this exciting story “Rezept zum Glück” in my country Switzerland, I now look forward to publishing the US version, SWISS RECIPE TO HAPPINESS in the next days.
    I am looking for someone who can market my book Nationwide on print and TV media.
    Since I fly back to Switzerland at the end of August, I have a strict time limit. My goal is to market the book as efficiently as possible at this time. I imagine doing interviews on popular TV shows and with major newspapers and magazines.
    It is clear that Miami and Florida is my home area. However, for interviews with promising TV shows and important newspapers, I would also travel to other US cities, preferably New York and Las Vegas, and possibly also to California.
    Please have a look at my website
    If you are inspired, let me have your suggestions in detail. And please let me know what assurances I would have for a return on my investment.
    Please do not hesitate to call me.

    Thank you very much,

    Attachement: Press Release

    PRESS RELEASE July 22th 2015 For immediate release
    CONTACT: Stephan Bosshard
    300 Alton Road -Miami Beach FL 33139 Miami Beach 786-609-8844
    Stephan Bosshard used to be a household name in his native Switzerland. Everybody knew him as the PRETZEL KING – after he had worked his way up from humble beginnings to a spectacular business career.
    But at the peak of his career, with outlets all over the country, he decided that for him, SUCCESS was not money or fame or growth, but HAPPINESS!
    He sold his business, devoted himself to the love of his life and and pursued his hobbies and pastimes. He also decided to spend half the year in sunny Florida from now on. No sooner said than done.
    And yes, there was one other thing he had to do in Florida:
    which he called – what else? -
    The book became a success in Switzerland and is now just off the press in English.
    You can’t find a more fascinating read anywhere these days! It has everything,
    wild sailing adventures, hilarious business ups and downs, the world’s first pretzel robot, driving all over Europe in big American cars, Aston Martins, Ferraris and Rolls Royces, risky gambling in Las Vegas and last but not least: some pretty steamy amorous anecdotes from Holland to Thailand, from Bora Bora to “boring” Australia.
    Stephan Bosshard can be reached at his Florida home, and he will be ever so happy to talk to you about his RECIPE TO HAPPINESS! The big challenge: get him to stop talking about his kind of HAPPINESS.

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