Skye Wentworth Public Relations is a full service public relations company specializing in literary book publicity. Most of the services listed below are part of our standard campaign package that is offered on both a regional and national basis. Contact us to personalize your PR campaign and to request fees.

Creative Planner. We’ll create a central theme that allows us to smartly connect all elements of your public relations campaign — from press releases and book signings to speaking engagements and television appearances — and give them unification.

Strategy Development. This is where we discuss potential target markets, target media, and timelines. When, how and where to break the story? We’ll make these decisions together.

Writing Press Releases. A minimum of 2 press releases will be written; 1 AP (Associated Press) release for print and 1 broadcast release (for radio and TV). A one-page author biography will be written to educate the media on the certain details about the author including, credentials, previous books written, related life experiences and other general information.

Press Kit Development. A good press kit contains a press release that communicates the essentials, generates excitement and leaves the editor/producer wanting to know more. In addition, the press kit includes a personal cover letter, used to pitch a story, and one, some or all of the following: photo of author, author profile, review copy of the book, tip sheets, list of speaking topics, previous book reviews and other ancillary materials that quickly inform the media of the importance of your book and your qualities as an author.

Package Design. We specialize in irresistible press release packaging. The entire press kit will be mailed in an attention getting, “Let’s open this now!” style: something everyone wants to get his/her hands on.

Media Relations. We’ll target and prioritize media and contacts. This will include broadcast and print media as well as the Internet. Follow-up calls to reporters, editors and producers will encourage media to include you in their medium. We’ll select a list initially and work with you on approval and/or other ideas. Shortly after our selected media contacts have received your media kit, we follow up with persuasive phone calls and emails, depending on the journalists’ preferences. We provide you with feedback as we work, so you’ll always be in the loop. And, of course, we maintain your PR schedule as we arrange interviews for you with top journalists from coast to coast.

Author Promotion and Book Publicity Tours. When your budget allows for a multi-city book tour, we’re glad to arrange in-studio interviews. And, if your business takes you to major metropolitan areas during our campaign, why not include some PR in your travel plans?

Special Events. Public relations isn’t simply having an article appear in print or on the air. Ancillary opportunities increase exposure and too often provide golden opportunities you won’t want to pass up. These can include an active speaking agenda, seminars, contests, promotional tie-ins, — or simply doing good deeds.

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  1. Can you please tell me the services you provide? Can you tell me your average prices and do you have separate prices as well?

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