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Author-historian Faren Siminoff wonders about what will happen to American society if our current simmering political and economic climate persists. She’s concerned and thinks other people should be too. In her debut novel, The Transformation: GTE 45, she explores themes of liberty, truth, history, and disenfranchisement in an eerily familiar world.

Set 45 years in the future, Siminoff’s disturbing dystopian political novel takes place in a re-branded Corporate States of America after the collapse of the Republican Party as we’ve known it, a transformed new far-right regime rules over complacent citizens in a reality they call “the Great Transformation.”

High-ranking professor Layla Saenz navigates a perilous and twisted love triangle with Paul Gaugin, a classified Wage Earner, and Isaac Freeman, the charismatic and powerful leader of the Church of the Revealed Saints. When Layla is suspected of uploading an unofficial history of the events leading up to the Great Transformation, her status is placed in jeopardy. She makes a dangerous decision and risks revealing her own secrets from the past.

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Which Mad Dog Character are you?

Mark Rubinstein has written another riveting psychological drama. From the shots fired in the first pages to the final haunting and shocking ending, Mad Dog Justice will draw you into its character’s world-and never let you go.
- E.J. Simon, author of Death Never Sleeps

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Danny and Roddy were blood brothers, sworn to support one another since childhood, yoked by the shackles of a dark secret hidden even from the women they loved. When an unspeakable event from their past threatens their families and their lives, they are thrown into a maelstrom that will stretch the steel bonds of their friendship to the snapping point—and beyond.
Mark Rubinstein, master of the thriller with a psychological twist, returns with MAD DOG JUSTICE (Thunder Lake Press, September 2014) the sequel to his wildly popular debut novel, MAD DOG HOUSE. Fans have been clamoring to find out what happens next to accountant Danny Burns and his best friend, Dr. Roddy Dolan, a surgeon with a hair-trigger temper. Readers are in for another nail-biting page-turner when Danny is shot late one night in his office during what appears to be a typical robbery. Or was it? Detective Harvey Morgan has his suspicions. When another, less fortunate, victim is killed with the same gun used to shoot Danny, Morgan knows for certain the two friends are hiding something big.

Drawing on his expertise as a psychiatrist and expert witness, Rubinstein plunges through the depths of terror and paints of picture of psychological motivation and primal urges in his sharply defined characters. As the line between predator and prey blurs and secrets and lies tear apart a marriage, Rubinstein reveals the dangers that come not just from outside but from within a friendship as well.

A gripping psychological thriller reminiscent of the masters of the genre, MAD DOG JUSTICE examines what happens when society’s values are pitted against raw survival in this breathlessly paced, high-octane thriller.